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By | January 7, 2014

BankWelcome to Banking Awareness 2014 Material for SBI Clerk PO Exam. State bank of India about to release a notification for recruiting Clerk and POs proforma application will be made available in the official site in upcoming months, hence to help for SBI Clerk PO aspirates we are here proving SBI Clerk PO 2014 Exam study materials, you can  download Banking awareness material 2014 and start prepare for your examination. SBI paper will be loaded with arithmetic, reasoning, computer awareness and general awareness, hence you can do easily with all the above sections except general awareness as it is loaded with latest news on banking and other, hence we come up to help for you aspirates for banking awareness 2014 and current issues. You can find banking awareness material 2014 SBI Clerk PO and all current affairs in our site keep visiting we will be updating SBI Clerk PO 2014 Exam study materials. All the best.

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1. Interest payable on savings bank accounts is

A. Not regulated by RBI

B. Regulated by state Government

C. Regulated by central Government

D. Regulated by RBI

E. Regulated by finance minister

2. Mutual funds fall within supervisory purview of





3. Which of the following is not an example of primary securities

A. Bills

B. Bonds

C. Shares

D. Book debts

E. New Currency

4. Which of the following rates is decided by the market conditions and not by RBI

A. Bank rate



D. Inflation rate

E. None of these

5. Basel norms are important international regulatory stipulations it is meant for which sector

A. Insurance

B. Banking

C. Micro finance

D. Pension funds

E. None of these

6. The primary issuers of capital market securities include

A. The central Government

B. The local Government

C. Corporations

D. The central and local Government and Corporations

E. Local Government and Corporations

7. Which of the following is a characteristic of a capital market instrument

A. Liquidity

B. Marketability

C. Long marturity

D. Liquidity premium

E. All of the above

8. T- bills are Financial instruments initially sold by _______to raise funds.

A. Commercial banks

B. The Government

C. Corporations

D. Agencies

E. None of these

9. Commercial paper is a short term security issued by_____to raise funds.


B. Commercial banks

C. Large and well known companies

D. National stock exchange

E. State and local Government

10. Specified interest rate on a fixed maturity security fixed at the time of issue is called_______

A. Market rate of interest

B. Call rate

C. Repo rate

D. Coupon rate

E. Discount rate

11. Money market securities are

A. Short term

B. Low risk

C. Very Liquid

D. All of the above

E. A and B

12. Money market instruments

A. Are usually sold in large denominations

B. Have low default risk

C. Mature in one year or less

D. Are characterised by all of the above

E. Are characterised A and B

13. In the term repo, the term of the loan is greater  than

A. 30 days

B. 20 days

C. 60 days

D. 90 days

E. None of these

14. As per prudential norms of the RBI lending of the scheduled Commercial banks on a fortnight average basis should not not exceed ——-percent of their capital funds

A. 25

B. 30

C. 35

D. 15

E. 20

15. The market for bankers acceptance which or out of the trade transactions both domestic and Foreign is called

A. Money market

B. Capital market

C. Bankers acceptance market

D. Repo market

E. Government security market

16. An unsecured loan extended by one corporate to another is called

A. Commercial papers

B. Treasury bill

C. Inter corporate deposits

D. Certificates of deposits

E. All of above

17. Interest is calculated on actual/ 365 days basis in respect of the following products except one

A. Call money

B. Notice money

C. Term money

D. GOI dated and securities

E. None of these

19. Special drawing right is an international practice of the drawing funds. Which of the following institutions control this special drawing facility

A. World bank

B. Asian Development bank

C. Federal reserve

D. European common market

E. All of the above

20. Which of the following schemes available in the Financial market is not meant for investment purposes

A. National savings Certificates

B. Infastructure Bonds

C. Mutual funds

D. Letter of Credit

E. All of above


1. D                 2.C                  3.B                  4.B                  5.B

6. D                 7.E                  8.B                  9.C                  10.D

11. D               12.D                13.A                14.A                15.C

16. C               17.D                18.C                19.A                20.D

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