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Basic Computer Knowledge for IBPS PO SBI PO RRB Bank Exams

Keyboard_for_Blondes_pic_610x284Welcome to edugeeks.in. Computer Knowledge for IBPS PO SBI PO RRB Bank Exams. For every online bank exams basic computer knowledge is essential these days. You need to possess knowledge on some topics like history of computers, software, hardware, keyboard shortcuts, MS Office, Operating system. For attending online bank exams you must be good at the above topics for online test on computer knowledge. In Computer Knowledge for IBPS PO SBI PO RRB Bank Exams you have to face this computer knowledge section. Bank materials for online test on computer knowledge are provided in our site exclusively for beginners. You are recommended to study our bank materials on Computer Knowledge for IBPS PO SBI PO RRB Bank Exams. After studying take our free online aptitude tests for your better improvement of your computer knowledge. Practice more tests as you can because you can test yourself where you are by practicing more. Take our online bank exams on computer knowledge you will be benefited a lot by our free online aptitude tests. Click here for bank materials. Click here for online bank exams. 

Types of keys in Keyboard

Keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. Keyboard is an input device, used for entering data with the help of numbers, letters and symbols provided on the keyboard. There are many types of keys on the keyboard they are.

  •       Typewriter Keys (Alpha numeric, Punctuation, Special Keys)
  •       Function Keys (F1, F2, F3……….F12)
  •       Enter Keys (Enter)
  •      System Keys ( Print Screen, Caps Lock and Num Lock)
  •      Numeric Keys (0, 1, 2…..9)
  •      Application Key
  •      Cursor Control Key (Left, Right, Up, Down Arrows)

Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + P -> Print the current page

Win -> Open or close start menu

Win + D -> Display the Desktop

Win + M -> Minimize all Windows

Win + E -> Open my computer

Win + F -> Find or Search box

Win + L -> Lock the keyboard

Win + R -> Open Run at startup menu

Ctrl + C   -> Copy

Ctrl + V   -> Paste

Ctrl +X   -> Cut

Ctrl + Z -> Undo

Ctrl + C   -> Copy

Ctrl + G -> Go to

Ctrl + S -> Save

Ctrl + W -> Close window or tab

Ctrl + N -> New Window

Ctrl + A   -> Select all

Shift + Delete -> Delete’s permanently

Home -> Top of the page

End -> Bottom of the Page

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