CURRENT AFFAIRS 2014 January Month PDF Questions and Answers

By | January 8, 2014

Latest Current Affairs 2014Welcome to CURRENT AFFAIRS 2014 January Month PDF Questions and Answers. With a view to help for the aspirates who are appearing for groups, banks and other examinations current affairs January 2014 PDF download have been provided here. Nowadays in all competitive examinations you can find current affairs 2014 Questions and Answers to test whether the person is being updated with the current issues going around the world, hence you are recommended to practice the Current Affairs Quiz 2014 updated in our site daily you will provided a link for Download free current affairs 2014 at the end of the week and month hence you can make your current affairs section preparation much easier. Keep visiting our site for current affairs january 2014 for bank exams. All the Best

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1. UNESCO named which city as world book capital for the year

A. Incheon                  B. Delhi                       C. Tokyo                     D. Seoul

2. Which country is the largest trading partner with India

A. Pakistan                  B. Nepal                      C. China                      D. Bhutan

3. Name the Indian author killed by taliban in Afghanistan on sept 6 2013

A. Sushmita Banerjee                                       B. Tasleema nasrin

C. V.s Naipaul                                                D. Salman rushdie

4. In rashtriya madhyamik shiksha abhiyan scheme govt. Has targeted to ensure universal access to secondary level education by the year……….

A. 2017                       B. 2015                       C. 2050.                      D. 2025

5. Syrian President….. Allegally ordered chemical weapons attack near damascus that has tiggered calls for us military intervention.

A. Bashar al assad       B. Hosni mubarak       C. Jia ul haq    D. Mamnoon hussain

6. Name the community which has been feliciated by srilankan President

A. Tamil                      B. Singhali                  C. Vedda                    D. Muslim

7. Which country became the world third largest internet user china and usa

A. Nepal                      B. Maldives                 C. India                       D. Somalia

8. Which has topped the list of the countries where people are working in their dream jobs

A. Pakistan                  B. India                       C. UK                         D. USA

9. Which nation will stop aid to India from 2015

A. USA                       B. UK                                     C. China                      D. Bangladesh

10. Which state of India is largely affected by dengue fever

A. Bihar                      B. Jharkand                 C. Tamil nadu             D. UP

11. Strategically important port recently given to china for management is in

A. Pakistan                  B. India                       C. Maldives                 D. Taiwan

12. The union budget 2013-14 to encourage farmers to switch to alternative crops from rice to wheat has proposed additional funds of

A. 200cr                      B. 300cr                      C. 500cr                      D. 600cr

13. How many judges are there in the supreme court of india including CJI

A. 20                           B. 39                           C. 31                           D. 37

14. Which state Government has proposed to launch a pension scheme for workers under MGNREGS scheme

 A. Karnataka               B. Punjab                    C. Haryana                  D. Kerala

15. Indian railways has now decided to install a new fuel saving device called auxilary power  unit in diesel locomotives which will Result in saving of more than rs………..lakh per locomotive annually.

A. 10                           B. 20                           C. 30                           D. 40

16. Who is shri B.c tripathi


17. The global competitiveness report is  published from time to time by……..

A. International monetary fund                      B. World Economic forum

C. Yale university                                           D. World bank

18. As per the recent data India is the ____ largest coffee producer in the world

A. Third                      B. Fourth                     C. Fifth                       D. Seventh

19. Who was appointed as the comptroller and audtior General of India in may 2013

A. Vinod  rai                                                   B. Shashi kant sharma

C. Pawan bansal                                              D. Montek singh ahluwalia

20. Who has been elected the chairman of the asian forum of parliamentarias on population and Development on 11 april 2013 T bangkok

A. P.j. Kurien              B. Vinod rai                C. Deepak lather         D. Jamjana deru


1. A                 2.C                  3.A                  4.A                  5.A

6. C                 7.D                  8.B                  9.B                  10.C

11. A                12.C                13.C                14.D                15.B

16. A               17.B                18.D                19.B                20.A


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