Computer Basics For Bank Exams 2019 | #22 Browser Shortcut Keys

Computer Basics You Must Know!

Welcome to Computer Basics for Bank Exams. These browsing shortcut keys collected here is useful Computer Basics For Bank Exams 2019 | #22 Browser Shortcut Keysfor browsing purpose, these keys will work in all web browsers. In online bank exams, computer knowledge section you may face these type of questions. This shortcut keys are intended to know your browsing skills. You are recommended to study our bank material on browsing shortcut keys to enhance your chances of cracking computer knowledge test. You can find good quality of stuff on this site mainly regarding computer knowledge.

Free online aptitude tests will be conducted here to improve your knowledge and time management. This test is not only useful for online bank exams, but also for IT sectors. In many interviews you may face questions on computer knowledge, I suggest you study our bank materials for your better performance in an interview. For every career aptitude tests, the primary thing is you must be confident. Confidence comes from practice. Practice our online bank exams and have a glance at bank material. You will be benefited for sure by taking our free online aptitude tests and bank materials. Click here for reasoning online tests. Hope!! You will like this material on computer basics for bank exams.

Computer Knowledge: Browsing Shortcut keys

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + 9Switch to the Last Tab
Ctrl + TabSwitch to Next Tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch to Previous Tab
Ctrl + WClose the Current Tab
Ctrl + FFind on Page
Ctrl + TOpen New Tab
Ctrl + NOpen New Browser Window
Alt + F4Close the Current Window
Ctrl + HOpen History
Ctrl + BOpen Bookmarks
Ctrl + PPrint Page
Alt + HomeGo to Home Page
HomeGo to Top of the Page
EndGo to Bottom of the Page
Ctrl + JOpen Download History
Ctrl + DBookmark the Current Website
Ctrl + SSave the Current Page on your Computer
Ctrl + UOpen Source Code for Current Page
Ctrl + OOpen a file from your computer
Backspace, Alt + Left ArrowBack
Shift + Backspace, Alt + Left ArrowForward



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