Computer Devices And Their Inventors

Computer Devices And Their Inventors

Computer Knowledge section holds its importance and is considered as the most accessible section for candidates who put little efforts on this section from the first day of their preparation. The main aim of computer awareness section is to test the candidate’s basic computer knowledge skills. Aspirants should prepare with all the concepts which gives basic information about computers. From last 3 to 4 years this part is introduced into the banking exams as computers are playing a prominent role in banking industry.

Candidates are covered with basic concepts like bank computerization essentials, computer introduction, classification of computer, development field of computer, topics about super computers, history of computers, software handshaking, windows, office, early electronic computer generation, e-world, general computer terms, networking, payment system, electronic banking, internet banking, information technology, security of the internet. According to our observation candidates should cover all these topics carefully to score high in bank exams.

To help we are providing all the possible information and computer knowledge materials for candidates. In this article we are providing information about computer devices and their inventors to help the candidates.

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Computer Devices & Their Inventors

Computer Mouse — Douglas Engelbart (1964).

Floppy Disk— Alan Shugart &IBM.

Integrated Circuit— Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce( 1958).

Keyboard— Herman Hollerith (1930’s).

Microprocessor – Intel 4004 Computer.

Transistor— John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & Wiliam Shockley ( 1947-48).

Trackball— Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff (1952).

Hard Disk— The IBM Model 350 Disk File by IBM in 1956 (was the first hard disk drive and was part of the IBM 305 RAMAC computer that IBM started delivering in).

Microprocessor— Faggin, Hoff & Mazor (1971).

RAM— An Wang at Harvard University’s Computation Lab and Jay Forrester at MIT (1951).

First laptop— Grid Compass 1100 (called the GRiD) and was designed in 1979 by a British industrial designer, Bill Moggridge.

Laser printer— Gary Starkweather at XEROX in 1969.

First PC— the IBM 5100 Portable Computer by IBM.


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