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Computer Knowledge for Bank Exams

Welcome to online aptitude tests. A good number of online aptitude tests is designed here for computer knowledge for bank examsyou. Computer knowledge is one of the essential topics in Bank online aptitude tests. This Computer knowledge is highly scoring section in IBPS POs and RRB examinations. Here we are providing you with a good number of abbreviations regarding Computer knowledge for Bank exams. You will be asked questions from architectures, computer network and its components in Computer knowledge for Bank exams. I hope these Computer knowledge abbreviations will be useful for your online aptitude tests. For more Updates regarding online aptitude tests for Bank exams keep visiting our online aptitude tests. 

Abbreviations From A-Z


AAL– ATM Adaption Layer

ACL– Access Control List

ADO– ActiveX Data Objects

ADSL-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADT– Abstract Data Type

ALGOL– Algorithmic Language

ALU- Arithmetic and Logical Unit

ANSI– American National Standard Institute

ARP– Address Resolution Protocol

ARPA– Address and Routing Parameter Area

ARPA– Advanced Research Projects Agency

ARPANET– Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

AS– Access Server

ASCII– American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASM– Algorithmic State Machine

ASP– Active Server Pages

ASP- Application Server Provider

AT- Access Time

AT– Active Terminology

ATM– Asynchronous Transfer Mode

AVC– Advanced Video Coding

AVI– Audio Video Interleaved

AWT– Abstract Window Toolkit


BAL– Basic Assembly Language

BASIC– Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BCD– Binary Coded Decimal

BCNF– Boyce-Codd Normal Form

BER– Bit Error Rate

BIN– Binary

BINAC– Binary Automatic Computer

BIOS– Basic Input Output System

BLOB– Binary Large Object

BNC– Bayonet Neill-Concelman

BPS– Bits per Second


CAD- Computer Aided Design

CAM– Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAT– Computer Aided Translation

CASE– Computer-Aided Software Engineering

CDMA– Code Division Multiple Access

CD-ROM– CD Read Only Memory

CIFS– Common Internet File System

CISC- Complex Instruction Set Computer

CLR– Common Language Runtime

CMOS- Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

COBOL– Common Business Oriented Language

COM– Component Object Model

CORBA– Common Object Request Broker Architecture

CPS– Characters per Second

CPU– Central Processing Unit

CRC– Cyclic Redundancy Check


DAC– Digital to Analog Converter

DAO– Data Access Objects

DAP– Directory access protocol

DBA– Data Base Administrator

DCCP– Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

DCL– Data Control Language

DCOM- Distributed Component Object Model

DDE– Dynamic Data Exchange

DES– Data Encryption Standard

DFD– Data Flow Diagram

DFS– Distributed File System

DHCP– Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHTML– Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

DMA– Direct Memory Access

DML– Data Manipulation Language

DNS- Domain Name System

DOM- Document Object Model

DoS– Denial of Service

DRAM– Dynamic Random Access Memory

DSDL– Document Schema Definition Languages

DSL– Digital Subscriber Line

DSL– Domain Specific Language

DVD– Digital Video Disc

DVD-ROM – DVD Read Only Memory

DVI– Digital Video Interface

DVR– Digital Video Recorder


EAI– Extensible Authentication Protocol

EBML– Extensible Binary Meta Language

EEPROM– Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EFI- Extensible Firmware Interface

ELM– Electronic Mail

EOF– End of File

EOL– End of Line

EUC– Extended UNIX Code

EXT– Extended File System


FAP– FORTRAN Assembly Program

FAT- File Allocation Table

FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions

FDD– Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI– Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDMA- Frequency Division Multiple Access

FEC– Forward Error Correction

FHS– Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

FIFO– First in First out

FORTRAN- Formula Translation

FPS– Floating Point System

FSM– Finite State Machine

FTTP– Fiber to the Premises

FTP– File Transfer Protocol

FXP– File Exchange Protocol


GB– GigaByte

GIF- Graphics Interchange Format

GIGO– Garbage in Garbage Out

GIMP– GNU Image Manipulation Program

GML– Geography Markup Language

GUI- Graphical User Interface

GWT– Google Web Toolkit

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